Outsource Call Answering Provides Effective Affordable 24/7 Coverage

Staying flexible and dynamic in today’s digital environment creates the need to outsource call answering.

Most companies consider themselves intelligent. However, the really ‘smart’ companies know they need to offer a full range of contact options for clients and leads: phone, email, fax and even sometimes traditional snail mail for special circumstances. These adept companies also realize that they are required to offer them 24/7. For these companies that are successful at this, we need to applaud them. They have the right vision and understand the importance of providing support to their current customers and prospective buyers.

But keep in mind that this is only the beginning of the customer experience. Answering the phone, or reading an email is the first step. We feel it is one of the most critical steps, although the way in which the initial contact is executed makes a huge difference.

Too many times, customers hang-up the phone in pure frustration. To make matters worse, typically the questions/inquiries are straightforward matters to solve. Yet, when both the caller and the attendant are not actually communicating, things can quickly go from good to extremely bad.

Far too often do callers receive this response, “So what’s your question?” Even after the caller has given all the cursory information and asked a clear question. This reaction by the attendant can only create more frustration for the caller. And then causes tempers to flare.

Untrained call attendants with poorly written scripts and protocol repeatedly fall victim to focusing in on the wrong keyword. Then, instead of answering the caller’s actual question, they quickly tail off on an irrelevant tangent. It can feel like a rabbit hole that had no bearing on the real issue. No customer wants to hear company jargon that does not pertain to the situation at hand. Even if the attendant tries to correct the problem, without a good script and protocol, there will be a continued failure of communication.

Better training makes a difference. The companies that realize this are the successful ones that are considered intelligent. It is not about product training, but customer service techniques, listening skills, and some side-by-side coaching. Anserve understands this crucial element when they hire their call answering staff for your company. Many outsourcing companies do not take the time to train their staff properly for the specific client, preparing them for all situations and types of customers. Unfortunately, many companies think that this kind of call trained answering agents cost too much. Contact Anserve today and learn about the cost-effective options that still maintain high-quality standards for your company.