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Sixteen Key Customer Service Skills

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What is the Most Important Customer Service Skill?

Customer service skills are an essential and critical element for your enterprise because they are the frontline in customer retention. A highly skilled customer service department will give your company the edge over the competition and build a long-lasting, loyal customer base. At Anserve, we pride ourselves in representing your company with the best in customer service with our answering services. We train our staff to be industry-leading live answering agents.

While there are a plethora of customer service skills and tasks that are required by our agents, we believe that developing excellence in communication skills while radiating positivity is the most critical skill our agents must have to meet your customer service needs. Noelia Sarmiento, Quality Assurance Director, shared,

“Approaching your workday with the intention of helping another human being is one of the best ways in providing excellent customer service and truly making a connection with the caller. Focusing on what you can do for them and getting out of the ‘mindlessly taking a message’ approach is what we should strive for daily.”

Anserve’s customer service agents are highly skilled communicators and can properly and effectively communicate with your company’s customers regarding their concerns or inquiries. While we understand that we will encounter disgruntled customers, Anserve’s live answering agents are specifically trained to exhibit positivity in their communication with your customers and strive to provide positive resolutions for them.

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At Anserve, We Equip Our Agents with Essential Customer Service Skills

Anserve’s answering agents are highly trained and skilled customer service representatives. We use our customer service skills to increase your bottom line. Anserve’s staff are trained to deploy skills necessary to build outstanding relationships with your customer base. Peter Toriello, Director Business Development, identified the value of developing a staff of competent customer service providers.

“To better equip all employees, Anserve looks to reinforce high levels of customer service throughout our culture. Anserve’s agents are on the phones with the targeted demographic you serve….our Account Managers are attentive to the questions coming from your office and our ownership has always made themselves flexible and available to all business matters. The company’s core values guide the customer service principle!”

Educating and training our staff is the key to Anserve’s success as customer service representatives.

Some important customer service skills:

Customer Service Skills: Empathy

Empathy is the ability to comprehend the feelings of others. In customer service, empathy is an essential skill to understand customers’ needs and to communicate in an effective and personalized manner. Understanding your customers’ feelings will make them feel valued and build a lasting relationship, especially in the medical answering services field.

Customer Service Skills: Deep Product Knowledge

Agents who have deep product knowledge are vital to positive customer interactions. Having a deep working knowledge of the product will display a sense of confidence that significantly builds strong customer service relations. For customer service representatives to have a deep product knowledge, a variety of improvements will occur such as more efficient troubleshooting and better product recommendations.

Customer Service Skills: Active Listening

Active listening is an important skill for strong customer service. Successful listening is driven by the intent to comprehend or understand the customers’ concerns. By actively listening and understanding what the consumers’ issues are and why they are experiencing them is vital to exercising the best in customer service skills.

Customer Service Skills: Build Trust

Trust is an essential component in building relationships. In customer service, transparency builds trust. The ability to take an unhappy customer into a product advocate is a valuable customer service skill. Admitting to mistakes and not overpromising can significantly build that trust.

Customer Service Skills: Anticipate Objections

Objects arise in customer service. Anticipating and being prepared to handle those objections is an important skill of a customer service agent. Objections usually are categorized into three areas: price, quality of services, and trust. For live answering agents encountering these objections, navigating these objections can be done effectively maintaining a positive attitude, being prepared, and establishing trust.

At Anserve, Customer Service Skills are Paramount to Serving Our Customers.

Our philosophy at Anserve is to provide our clients with the best customer service skills our answering agents can deliver to all of our clients. To uphold our promise and maintain our reputation over fifty years, we have trained and educated our employees to be industry leaders. The good news is that our success is growing your bottomline. For more information on how Anserve’s team of customer service experts can grow your business, contact us today.