Contractor answering service

Top 3 Reasons Call Answering Services Benefit Tradespeople

Most tradesmen will tell you that one of the biggest problems they face is missed calls. These tradesmen are contractors, craftsmen, plumbing experts, electricians, and HVAC specialists. Many of these tradesmen work alone and must advertise their mobile number. This can be both intrusive and too time-consuming because they are too busy to answer their calls.

There is a solution that is spreading from the larger contracting companies to the small single person companies. It is the Call Answering Service. Below are three reasons you should perhaps consider this for your business too.

1) Distractions Equal Lost Time and Money

We all know that there is nothing more distracting than your cell phone always ringing when you are trying to get a project done. Using a service to handle your call answering is excellent because they will take your calls and send you messages ensuring that you are not slowed down. This helps to avoid potentially time-consuming and costly mistakes because you are distracted by incoming calls. Completing jobs on time will also enable you to book more work.

2) Missed calls Means LOST Income

Most tradespeople do not have enough money or time to spend on advertising; most of the leads come via word of mouth. Once they can’t reach their first recommendation, people will Google for a tradesperson with the best review. Usually, these are the big companies with big advertising budgets and staff to answer phones. By using a call answering service, the small businesses can compete by having a team of receptionists acknowledging these callers and capturing those all-important details for you will significantly improve your chances of winning more work.

3) You Should Have A Personal Life

Plumber Call answering serviceTradespeople spend so much time during the evenings or weekends going through your missed call list and voicemails. This is lost time with their children and spouses. Call answering services can prioritize your incoming calls, help you avoid telemarketers, help you avoid dialing and listening to voicemails and accurately document all contact information of those looking to get in touch with you. Using Anserve, you will have more free time while conveniently having access to who called and what they are looking for. Doing so makes the entire process more effective and efficient.

A team like Anserve ensures tradespeople with the knowledge that all calls are answered allowing for relaxation and increased lead potential! It is easy to leave instructions to the call handling team on how to handle each call. Contact Anserve today, to find out how to streamline your call answering process.