Valuable Answering Service Options that You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Maintaining the ultimate in customer service is difficult for any business in a 24/7 business world where customers always expect prompt service. The reality is that regardless of your business type, you have obligations that go beyond your business and your customers. Fortunately, there are several valuable answering service options that you might not be aware of that can make all the difference helping to pick up the slack.

Vacation Coverage

Customer expectations can over-tax the available time in any given day, week, or month for a small business. Despite the feeling that you must always be “open and available” for your customers, taking vacations is in the best interest of your health and, ultimately, your business. Today, an answering service can go beyond answering your calls after business hours by providing the same service when you are on vacation.

When you incorporate a vacation answering service plan as part of your answering services, customers get a live person to immediately answer their calls. Since the answering service knows your business, it can provide callers with answers to common questions that don’t require further action by you.

Service representatives can also take and forward messages and calls to you or someone whom you designate as an emergency contact in the event of an urgent call that must be dealt with immediately. Having this option as part of your answering service enables you to go on vacation without worrying that you’re losing customers and profits while you’re gone.

Fax to Email

Another service that can be very important for business owners or key employees is the ability to receive faxes via email. This can be a major key to fulfilling business processes when you’re on vacation or traveling for business.

Wake-up Services

Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, you may find yourself staying somewhere that doesn’t offer wake-up services. You may not have known it, but leading answering services can provide this service to you by calling you on your smartphone with a wakeup call when you need it.

Check-up Calls

Business travel is a way of life for many people. Time may always be short, but the people about whom you care are never far from your mind when you’re out of town or the country. Many people are unaware that a few of today’s best answering services can make check-up calls to people whom you leave behind.

Whether your friend or family member is ill, older, or dealing with other issues, having your answering service periodically check in with this person can give you some peace of mind allowing you to concentrate on business. You can establish protocols for how often these calls should be made and what to do if the answering service can’t make contact.

Even with smartphones, tablets, and constant Internet access, important things can still fall through the cracks. Knowing that today’s answering services can bridge those gaps in innovative ways helps to keep businesses and life running more smoothly.