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Anserve’s Virtual Workforce Supports Communication Continuity During COVID-19

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses are continuing to adjust their operations as they transition to working from home and the eventual transition back to the office. However, the inability for individuals to make it to the office has presented a number of challenges, particularly in disaster response. Fortunately, Anserve’s emergency answering service can resolve this issue. Our emergency answering service has been deemed essential by State Officials and is equipped to support other entities 24/7.

The Importance of Emergency Answering Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As our country continues to navigate through these unprecedented times, Anserve has stepped up to the plate to ensure that both large and small businesses can continue working despite significant changes across all industries. Whether your business is considered “essential” or “non-essential,” communities have all been affected by the changes caused by the pandemic. If you are now working remotely or still able to go to the office, emergency answering services, like Anserve’s, are helping businesses stay on track and offer support as we reshape how we do business.

Even more, our live call center agents really are front-line first responders, ensuring that communication continues without interruption. In order to do this, Anserve quickly mobilized their agents to work remotely and handle excessive demand from business clients, health care facilities, court systems, government entities, and communities.

The pandemic has had a significant impact on our economy and the manner in which we run our businesses. From government “stay-at-home” orders to widespread concern about leaving our homes and risking infection, businesses throughout the United States have been pressured into adopting new ways to conduct business remotely rather than from our offices in person with our co-workers. With more and more individuals spending the majority of their time at home, there have been additional changes in the flow of business. For some, the business has slowed down, while for others, business is ramping up more than ever. Emergency answering services and answering services, in general, are essential in either scenario. For those who have slowed down, answering calls, and maintaining open communication with clients is essential to preserving strong relationships with the clients who are still requiring services. On the other hand, businesses who have noted an influx in calls want to ensure that their customers’ questions or concerns are answered in a timely manner. Answering services can assist in either scenario during this pandemic.

In a time where businesses and workflow are greatly disrupted, an emergency answering service is important in helping a business maintain essential lines of communication with its customers. Anserve’s services help ensure continuity and flexibility until we are able to return to business as usual. For example hospitals have been experiencing extremely high call volumes with long hold times. Callers may be in life or death situations and they need help immediately. Emergency answering services offer respite to hospitals and medical offices by providing urgent dispatching services, dedicated and secure 800 numbers, announcements, voice mailboxes and live operators that can easily pivot their messages with flexible responses.

Anserve’s Fast Response to Ensure Communication Continuity

Anserve’s emergency answering service employs a unique and effective system to assist companies in answering their phone calls in emergency situations. We work with our clients to create a protocol that is specific to your company’s needs and services. How we decipher your calls and route information is a key component in the setup of your account. Anserve is prepared with myriad options to deliver information, including HIPAA compliant functionalities. Our emergency answering services guarantee that all calls will be handled at all hours, even if you or your employees are unable to be in the office. In other words, we ensure that while you continue to focus on keeping your business running through these difficult times, no communications with your clients will accidentally slip through the cracks and remain unanswered. Through this system, we ensure that communication between you and your clients remains open and continuous, even in times like these. Other examples where urgent message dispatch is necessary now, more than ever, is with essential businesses such as plumbing, HVAC, towing, and other repair services.

Will an Emergency Answering Service Help your Business?

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses in all sorts of ways. For some, the business has slowed and communication with clients has become more difficult. Clients have appointments with dentists, non-essential surgery, lawyers and other professionals who are no longer in their offices. Appointments must be rescheduled, calls returned and questions answered. For these businesses our services like order taking and virtual receptionist help business owners ensure service continuity — even if they have had to lay-off employees. If you are having trouble staying connected with your clients because you are unable to work in the office, Anserve can ensure that those valuable customer calls do not go unanswered.

For others, the pandemic has resulted in an extreme spike in activity, and customer communication is higher than ever. Anserve’s various answering service can help if the number of incoming calls has significantly increased, Anserve can help you manage those calls so that you can focus on providing services to your customers. Our emergency answering service can also work with your customers to explain how your company is appropriately responding to the pandemic, and provide information about how your company is continuing to work hard while ensuring everyone’s safety.