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Why Accountants Should Invest in a Bilingual/Spanish Answering Service During Tax Season

Tax season is the busiest time of year for accountants. By using a Spanish or bilingual answering service, accountants can ease the stress of tax season by ensuring their phone lines are covered by customer service professionals who are able to communicate with all of their clients.

Economic statistics of Spanish speaking taxpayers in the USA

The United States has the second-highest concentration of Spanish speakers in the world, with approximately 53 million native and bilingual speakers. That’s more Spanish speakers than Spain has! In the U.S., Spanish speakers contribute a significant amount to the state, local, and federal taxes. That number was over $215 billion in 2015, and it has risen even more in the years since. With the increase of Spanish speakers in the U.S., it’s no secret that bilingual businesses are becoming more popular.

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How can a Spanish/Bilingual Answering Service help Accountants during Tax Season?

  • A Spanish or bilingual answering service can provide accountants with a leg up during tax season. By offering a bilingual answering service for their business, accountants open themselves up to more clients and more business.
  • With Spanish speakers making up a significant number of taxpayers in the U.S., the need for accountants that can accommodate them is growing. Providing access to an answering service that can reach a wider number of clients and ease the burden of the tax season workload simply makes sense for business owners and tax advisors.
  • By giving customers the option of a Spanish answering service, accountants are creating an environment where their clients feel comfortable asking questions and doing business.

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Do IRS Auditors or Representatives speak Spanish?

The IRS has tax representatives who will be able to communicate to clients in a variety of different languages, including Spanish. For assistance, Spanish-speaking individuals should go to the IRS website and click on “Español” at the top of the page, in order to access forms and information in Spanish.

Does the IRS provide Translation Services in Spanish?

For Spanish speakers, there is assistance available during tax time, to ensure that taxpayers understand what is expected of them and what they owe, and why. The IRS will provide translation services to Spanish speakers to aid in the tax filing process and to provide support for those who require assistance during the tax season. Spanish interpreters are available both face to face or over the phone, and Spanish speakers can access additional information on the Spanish language website.

What are the most common questions asked when Filing Taxes?

Though filing taxes can be complicated, there are several questions that pop up time and again for filers. Reviewing these questions allows taxpayers to prepare for tax season and to make sure that they have everything that they need before they file. Common questions include who can be claimed as a dependent, how to take advantage of the Earned Income Tax Credit, whether unemployment benefits are taxed, and how an early withdrawal from a retirement account will affect taxes. A comprehensive list of FAQs appears on the IRS website.

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Why Is Bilingual Customer Support Required?

The world is smaller than ever due to advances in the IoTs (Internet of Things) and increased accessibility to the internet. Because the world is shrinking, it means that businesses have a bigger audience of potential clients. They also have to now consider the different languages that their extended audiences speak.

Additionally, within the United States, the need for companies to be minimally bilingual (English and Spanish) is becoming a requirement. According to a recent survey from Common Sense Advisory, the research firm focusing on global business and commerce, 74% of respondents reported that they are more likely to purchase again from the same brand if they offer after-sales care in their native language. For a business to adequately cater to their market, they must connect with all types of prospective customers in their languages. Regardless of industry, successfully communicating with clients and potential clients is the highest priority.

If the audience cannot understand or converse with a business, it leads to loss of customers and a decrease of business growth. The current business climate requires bilingual communication to successfully maintain and widen their customer base through their comprehensive customer support. Below are Anserve’s top three reasons why companies should use a bilingual calling service:

Better Customer Service Means Happier Experiences:

Compared to businesses not offering bilingual support, a bilingual answering service can make existing customers feel more relaxed and connected to a business. If a small business or firm has excellent answering service, they will always have positive word-of-mouth referrals. A bilingual service will help a business stand out, especially in communities where English is not the primary language spoken.

Increased Accuracy During Conversations:

When a firm’s clients or patients call to set up appointments or express their need for a particular service, it is imperative to ensure that they can communicate clearly and efficiently with the firm’s customer support team. This will obtain the most accurate information from a call center staff and it means a company can better meet the needs of their customer base.

For example, when running a medical or dental practice, it’s vital to guarantee that patients have a way to communicate their health information easily and accurately. Relying on automated translations or rough estimates; allow the people who call a healthcare practice business to be heard clearly.

Scalable Bilingual Call Answering Staffing:

Partnering with a bilingual call answering service ensures seamless customer service with no drop-off in response times; and no need to wait for the weekend to be over. Most importantly, there is no need to search for new employees with bilingual capabilities to cater to your customer base.

With all of these strategies in place, bilingual answering services are business’ best partners in providing their business with a customer service that can meet the highest international standards. Anserve Inc. has call answering capabilities that provide over 200 languages for their clients. By outsourcing to a bilingual call center companies can create stronger communication channels with their existing and prospective non-English speaking customers.

If you would like more information about the ways Anserve’s Spanish Answering Services can help your business during tax season and beyond, please give us a call.

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