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Why Small Businesses Should Outsource to Telephone Answering Services?

Small businesses are constantly growing, and a part of positive growth is managing employee costs. Hiring employees and managing the related expenses & benefits programs can add up quickly. By outsourcing the management of your call volume to telephone answering service provider , small businesses can cut front desk-related costs and expand the number of hours they are available with a LIVE voice. Financial savings can then be directed towards another area of the business.

Answering Service
How do I set up a telepho
ne answering service?

It’s relatively easy to set up a telephone answering service. First, evaluate your needs. Are you looking for extra coverage when the phones are unattended during the day? Do you feel you’re missing phone calls or are your callers more likely to try and get in touch with you after your scheduled business hours? Does your company rely on employees to be out in the field? Cell phones serve as a direct line to that person…are your employees really taking every single call that comes to their cell phone? Once you have determined your requirements, you can begin the search and interview process for the right service to improve your business.

How much does it cost for a telephone answering service?

The cost of a telephone answering service varies depending on your needs. Every business has different requirements and an answering service can be customized to meet the demands of your small business. Each script is devised with the specific business in mind, so your clients will get a personalized experience when they call.

What is the best telephone answering service?

There are many answering services out there, so choosing the best one will ultimately come down to the availability and flexibility of features and the customer support that your business receives. The best services will provide a custom fit to your needs. They will help you create a script specific to your clients; right down to the time of day the call comes in. At Anserve, our customer service is unrivaled; with 24/7 bilingual answering services and friendly, empathetic agents. A phone call can end in myriad ways, you need a service that can route messages to the right department (or people) in a timely manner.

What features are most important for a small business telephone answering service?

A small business answering service is extremely helpful for small businesses who want to save on employee costs while still ensuring that clients’ needs are being met. Some small businesses rely on the ownership group to get involved and even answer calls. This takes them away from the strategic planning required to manage the business.

Your business is relying on another for availability, therefore, power redundancy and data protection should be towards the top of your list. Make it a priority to understand HOW your Call Center and Answering Service ensures uptime. Anserve’s primary offices are a 12,000 sq ft facility powered through local sources as well as solar panels. Should these resources ever be problematic, our buildings natural gas generator automatically transitions to support the entire facility. We are prepared for a local power failure. Anserve also manages a robust technology strategy. We are redundant in several off-site locations and carry a relationship with the nation’s premier colocation services for mission-critical data protection. This colocation also serves as a boost to bandwidth, remote capabilities and a support to telephony services.

Anserve provides a 24/7, never-miss-a-call environment so business owners can focus time elsewhere, not have to hire additional personnel or stress the current personnel and still have all calls answered no matter when they come in. By programming your phone lines, you can determine how much or how little our service is available to you.

How does a telephone answering service work?

A Call Center and Answering Service should be designed to answer every single incoming call while constantly trying to reduce any apparent hold time. Most agencies are utilizing technology to achieve set metrics, manage call volume, script each call and relay the necessary data to each client. Expect your Call Center to be an extension of your brand, expect them to follow certain guidelines your in-house employees also follow.

After properly forwarding your phones, your Call Center and Answering Service is responsible to follow the agreed-upon call flow; closing the loop of communication right up until your employees step back into the process.

If you are interested in evaluating Call Center and Answering Service options, please give Anserve a call or contact us!