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The Ward family has owned and operated Anserve America since founding it in 1969. Our primary client base is made up of medical and commercial firms and government entities, to whom we provide a wide range of call center services including appointment setting, order taking, voice mail options, business phone answering services and much more. We work with clientele both in the U.S. and abroad.

Now the Largest Answering Service in New Jersey

Anserve America New Jersey Office ImageAs the largest and fastest growing call center in the state of New Jersey, Anserve works around the clock, managing more than 8,000 calls every day. Our 90 employees, some of whom are bilingual for clients who need this business phone answering service, are skilled at what they do and highly professional as they perform their jobs at 25 operator and management workstations.

To make sure our processes are seamless, we have the capability to bring in as many as 25 telecommuters working from home any time when additional staffing is necessary. Our management style is brisk and detail-oriented. Our crew functions military style to make sure each client’s calling program is run according to their dictates and our high standards. Business phone answering service continuity is carried out across three daily shifts, with each shift being overseen my two professional managers.

We use Pinnacle systems to manage calls and store data. Fully automated, Anserve constantly stays ahead of the rest through large investments in technology. Our phone agents work with the most current Microsoft operating system and Dell workstations. Our clients appreciate how the latest technology allows for superior voice quality on our phones and a rapid call management process.

Call Center executive image at Anserve.comWhen callers want to make a reservation or an appointment to meet with our clients, we handle these services by using web pages that both our staff and the caller can access, which lets callers make appointments in real time. With four PRIs that we own, we’ve been able to significantly expanded our storage and data transmission capabilities. This allows us to store all of our clients’ calls for up to two and a half years.

Our clients know they can always get their important messages, product orders and other important communications through our ability to interface with their websites and post the information they need. The stand-alone voice mail we provide is integrated and runs on a CenturiSoft platform. We have a huge power generator that assures continuity of service should we experience a power outage in our area. The generator operates on gas, so there’s no limit to how long it will keep us up and running.

Anserve’s clientele includes:

  • 22 hospitals with more than 2,000 doctors on staff
  • 900 medical practices
  • 2,000 doctors
  • 400 commercial businesses
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Mountainside Hospital Family Practice

Susan and I have always appreciated their excellence in the customer service they provide the residency.

Ann Marie Jones (Residency Coordinator)

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