Vacation / Fax to Email / Wake Up / Well-being Check

Mail InboxVacation Coverage

Is your office closing for vacation?  Let us handle your calls while you are away and help your business look open even when it is not!  Please call or email us for our special vacation plans.

 Fax to Email Service

Fax to email services is a service that allows you to read your faxes from your email without having to worry about the maintenance of a fax machine, or messages not coming through. Fax to email services are vital for executives who are on the go, or those that travel constantly doing business. You can’t always take a fax machine with you, but you can take our fax to email services anywhere in the world.  Please email or call us for fax to email rates!

Wake up Service

Have trouble waking up to an alarm clock? Heavy sleeper?  If you would like to be awakened up by a pleasant voice each morning, afternoon, or evening please contact us about our wake up service.

Well-being Check

Do you have an older relative or friend that you do not have time to check on?  Why not schedule us to call them to check in and make sure they are ok?  If we have trouble contacting them based on your predetermined criteria we will reach out to an emergency contact list.  Please call or email us for special pricing!