Individual Physician Instruction

Please include as much information as possible regarding your preferred call relay instructions to assist us in handling your important messages efficiently.


Contact Numbers

Please list in preferred order & indicate if we should only use home number after a certain time.

1st  Please select one:  Home Cell SMS Text Secure Message

2nd Please select one:  Home Cell SMS Text Secure Message

3rd  Please select one:  Home Cell SMS Text Secure Message

4th: Other

Type Of Pager Including Pager Company Name

 Alpha Numaric
Service # or Callers #
Pager Company:

Relay Instructions:

 All Medical Calls Emergency Refills Labs
If Emergency Calls Only then please define emergency below:

(Relay as they come in or relay until a certain time then hold next day consults for call out at what time)
Additional Special Instructions:
Are You Available For Non PTS After Hours:
 Yes No

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Renewal By Andersen-Long Island

Anserve’s scripting technology adjusts to our time critical needs. We also have been happy with the quick response by Anserve management when we need to make an account change or add additional accounts.

Michele Zezima (Operations Manager)

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