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Anserve America works with government entities, commercial businesses, and various groups and individuals in the medical industry, providing them with a range of top-level call center services and live answer services. With both inbound and outbound calling capabilities, we offer our clients live telephone answering services including appointment scheduling, paging options, voice mail, the taking of orders and many more streamlined services. Approximately 80 percent of our clientele is in New Jersey, although we work with clients across the United States and in other countries.

In these days of mergers, downsizing and corporate changes, it’s rare to find a business under the same ownership and management for 46 years. The Ward family and the 90 plus Anserve employees invite you to join us in celebrating 46 years of providing “telephone answering excellence” to our hundreds of customers across our country.

Now the Largest Digital Answering Service in New Jersey

Managing more than 8,000 calls every day with 25 dedicated management and operator stations running around the clock, we’re now the largest digital answering service provider in New Jersey, with continued growth projected throughout the U.S. and abroad. Our 90 employees – some of which provide our clients with bilingual services – are fully trained and committed to giving outstanding service on every call. Twelve management and support staff oversee daily operations, making sure we’re doing the best job possible for our clients.

Watching our employees at work might remind you of a tight military outfit, thanks to a process that is organized and on-target. On each of three daily shifts, two shift managers hold our phone agents accountable for excellent live answering services at all times. With a recent investment in state-of-the-art technology, we now have the ability to support 25 telecommuting employees who can help out from their homes when additional staffing is required.

Anserve uses the fully digital Pinnacle System, which means crystal clear voice quality, fast, seamless call handling, customized script on every account and an automated “on call” scheduler to assure that emergency calls get to the right person.

New Digital Technology – Exciting New Packages of Services
Same Low Prices – Same Digital Answering Excellence

Originator of the one rate nationwide concept for live telephone answering service!


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Stem Brothers

Our relationship with Anserve is one of consistent reliability. When I leave my office each evening, I know my after-hours emergency phone calls are handled in a professional and courteous manner, exactly the same way our customers are accustomed to during our normal working hours!

J.D. Stem

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