A call center in New Jersey must meet many kinds of needs, not just the basic ones

Phone Answering Services

Versatile, flexible and full-service. Those are three things companies and professional individuals are seeking when they call us for the first time. As the largest call center in New Jersey, Anserve America provides these three things and a lot more. It’s not enough these days to operate a call center and offer just basic services.

Of course, we do offer those basic services such as call answering and message taking and forwarding. This is a critical service for many of our customers who aren’t able to be on the phone all the time but who don’t want to miss a single call. The nature of these calls our call center in New Jersey answers runs from mundane to critically important.

When the call is in regards to an issue our phone agents can’t resolve and a message needs to be delivered, we do that through e-mail, fax and text messaging, always promptly and always to the right person or department.

Beyond the basics, Anserve America provides a full menu of multi-lingual phone services. Companies today can’t afford to miss out on the growing Hispanic market, and we have trained professional phone personnel who can help those in this market purchase products, get information, be directed to the person they need to speak to and assist in any other way our clients request.

Companies also turn to our call center in New Jersey when disaster strikes. At times like this, personnel need to be focused on the issue at hand, not on answering every call that comes in. Whether it’s a fire, an explosion, a product recall, an event at the company’s facility that could threaten the safety of area residents or any other type of issue, we can be that link between a company and people calling in with a wide variety of needs.

In addition, we provide vacation coverage, a timely wake-up service, well-being checks, virtual receptionists and more, all with polite, informed and helpful phone agents. We train our employees to represent the client they’re on the phone for in a professional manner that aids in customer retention and increases loyalty to our client, every day, with every call.