Avoid the Most Common Spanish Answering Service Complaints: Choose the Best Call Center in Spanish!

If your company needs assistance dealing with incoming calls from Spanish-speaking customers, choosing the right Spanish answering service can boost your customer service levels, and keep your customers satisfied. A local call center in Spanish can provide the solution your business needs.

Not being able to communicate with an answering service agent is a common call center complaint of Spanish-speaking customers. If you don’t know what they’re talking about, and they don’t know what you’re talking about, the call wastes everyone’s time! There’s nothing worse than reaching a representative who you feel is reading from a script and doesn’t truly understand your problem. Avoid this by choosing a local Spanish answering service. Your callers will appreciate speaking to informed, bilingual receptionists.

Being treated poorly is another top call center complaint. Your current or potential customers shouldn’t have to deal with rude receptionists, having their calls misdirected, or being stuck on hold endlessly. A local Spanish answering service can provide more individual attention for your callers than an overseas call center. Choose a call center in Spanish that uses a voice logger to ensure the quality of phone conversations. The Spanish call center should also inform callers how long they may have to wait—knowing how long they’ll be on hold allows your customers to either stay on the line or call back at a more convenient time, reducing frustration. A local call center in Spanish should follow up on your customers to be sure they got the service they needed—if a customer calls with a complaint, a Spanish answering service receptionist should call them back to make sure the problem was resolved.

A Spanish answering shouldn’t just serve as an answering machine for your off-hours. Aside from answering phones, local Spanish answering services provide a variety of affordable options. A call center in Spanish can receive and store your messages, screen calls, take and confirm appointments, send and receive text messages, and more. If you need an answering service solution for your Spanish-speaking callers, compare local services to find one that suits your needs.