Call Center in Spanish Services Built into The Business Contingency Plans

Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes disrupt business communications systems. In today’s global community, human-caused disasters like computer errors, bandwidth usage that exceeds telephone capabilities, and acts of violence also cause business interruptions. You could keep a portion or all of your business functioning during these major interruptions if you put communications systems in place. As you put these systems in place, it’s important that you consider the numbers of Spanish-speaking customers, clients, and workers you have. After all, in the United States alone, nearly half the population speaks Spanish. Call center in Spanish services could help you announce your altered business hours, locations of alternate business offices, etc. to bilingual customers in the event of a business interruption.

Developing Contingency Plans with Call Center in Spanish Services

To prepare for business interruptions, as a chief executive officer or other organizational leaders, you can develop contingency plans. As previously mentioned, a key component of contingency plans is communication. This means you must-have services in place to announce business changes to the public. Call trees, emergency notification systems, and remote log-in telephone software are parts of good contingency communication plans.

Advancing computer technologies, like the Internet, are causing Anserve and other companies offering call center in Spanish services to discover that backing up data, including standard, confidential and personal data, is also a critical part of a good business contingency plan. Large firms rely on in-house technologists to back up their critical data. They have the finances to cover these payroll costs. Mid-size and small businesses, on the other hand, may not have a team of in-house technologists.

These companies can get access to call center in Spanish telephone answering and call center in Spanish data backup and recovery services through Anserve America. Both services offer unique advantages. For example, with call center in Spanish telephone answering services, your business can receive:

  • As many as 24 remote operators
  • Single unit management station log-in
  • Advanced switch technology built with redundant processors
  • Access to reliable servers that are designed with Raid 5 storage
  • Voice paths
  • Messages delivered via email, fax or alpha
  • Automated on call scheduling services
  • Pick-up on the first ring
  • Automated checking in and out services
  • Call forwarded capabilities
  • Ability to receive faxes or emails of calls received
  • Customized scripting to meet your unique business needs
  • Automated messages when telephone operators are busy assisting other customers

Fees associated with the services include a set-up fee, a fee to cover disaster incidents, and a monthly fee. Costs of the monthly and disaster incidents fees depend on the number of telephone calls received. Although these call center in Spanish services are also offered in English, depending on the size and type of your employee and customer demographic, you may want to include both services in your business contingency plans. Whether or not you use bilingual services, all messages received are backed up on Anserve servers.