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Ensure Compassion When They Call Hospice

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All facets of the healthcare industry continue to grow. As the population increases and life expectancies are extended, there is more demand for specialized health care, such as hospice. When nearing the end of their lives, terminally ill patients and their families may choose hospice care in a medical facility or at home. Government agencies and private insurance companies cover many hospice services, giving people the opportunity to take advantage of hospice care when they need it. Many high quality, accredited, organizations are also available in a ‘private pay’ model. In choosing hospice care, patients and families have made a decision to make the patient comfortable and pain free for the remainder of their life, which is generally under six months. A hospice team provides emotional, spiritual, medical, and physical support during hospice. Due to the sensitive nature of hospice, it’s imperative that all messages involving patient care are addressed in a thoughtful and friendly manner. Anserve’s hospice answering services is always ready and available to help, because every minute counts.

OPT for 24 x 7 Hospice Answering Services

Your Hospice Business Must be Available 24 x 7

hospice phone answering

Your hospice business relies on helping people when they need it most. It’s important for every call to be answered with compassion and urgency when patient’s families call hospice. Voicemails are impersonal and delay support and treatments in time-sensitive situations. Cell phones are not as reliable as we would expect them to be. Anserve ensures, when someone calls hospice, every call is answered on the first ring. We understand the unique nature of hospice care, and our staff is fully trained on how to handle all types of hospice messages with a personal touch. Anserve is an experienced, caring hospice answering services providing immediate and reliable assistance when patients and caregivers call hospice. Families and caregivers speak directly with a knowledgeable agent, rather than an automated messaging system. Hospice care is not 9 to 5. It’s 24×7. It’s necessary for medical staff, social workers, health aides, chaplains, and other hospice care personnel to respond to a hospice call when called upon, day or night. As a representative of your business, Anserve’s 24×7 hospice answering service receives each hospice call with an understanding and sympathetic voice, just as you do. Families and caregivers have peace of mind when they call hospice knowing they are speaking with an informed, compassionate agent who will quickly relay their message.

Anserve is prepared to handle all types of hospice calls when you’re unable to. Our caring staff is trained on 24×7 hospice answering services, ready to communicate crucial information and messages at a moment’s notice. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, your data is encrypted and secure with Anserve, exceeding HIPAA compliant guidelines. Anserve professionally customizes services for your business and delicately handles vital information when families call hospice. Our multilingual staff is equipped to field calls and messages in many languages. Communicating in your native tongue is convenient and becomes critical when the topics are emotional. English and Spanish is included with every Anserve plan and clients can opt for translation services of over 200 languages.

Anserve Offers a Personal Touch

Improving the quality of life is the goal of hospice. Ensuring a hospice call is addressed and prioritized when a loved one needs help is absolutely critical. Anserve, a family owned business, has been the leader in healthcare answering services since 1969. Our expertise, compassion, and personal touch in hospice answering services is unmatched. At Anserve, we recognize the special physical and emotional support required with hospice. Never miss an important hospice call again! Make sure your families hear a comforting voice when they call hospice. Our lights are always on, so every call is answered and addressed promptly. Call us at 800-980-9770 or contact us for more information about our hospice answering services.