How a Spanish Answering Service or Call Center Can Set Your Business Apart

If your company needs assistance dealing with incoming calls from Spanish-speaking customers, choosing the right Spanish answering service can boost your customer service levels, and keep your customers satisfied. A local call center in Spanish can provide the solution your business needs.

Call Centers in Spanish Services Offer Business Contingency Plans

Natural disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and hurricanes disrupt business communications systems. In today’s global community, human-caused disasters like computer errors, bandwidth usage that exceeds telephone capabilities, and acts of violence also cause business interruptions. You could keep a portion or all of your business functioning during these major interruptions if you put communications systems in place. As you put these systems in place, it’s important that you consider the numbers of Spanish-speaking customers, clients, and workers you have. After all, in the United States alone, nearly half the population speaks Spanish. Call center in Spanish services could help you announce your altered business hours, locations of alternate business offices, etc. to bilingual customers in the event of a business interruption.

Developing Contingency Plans with Call Center Services in Spanish

To prepare for business interruptions, as a chief executive officer or other organizational leader, you can develop contingency plans. As previously mentioned, a key component of contingency plans is communication. This means you must-have services in place to announce business changes to the public. Call trees, emergency notification systems, and remote log-in telephone software are parts of good contingency communication plans.

Enhancing your technological infrastructure causes Anserve, and other companies offering call center services in Spanish, to discover that backing up data, including standard, confidential and personal data, is also a critical part of a good business contingency plan. Large firms rely on in-house professionals to back up their critical data. They have the finances to cover these payroll costs. Mid-size and small businesses, on the other hand, may not have a team of in-house personnel.

These companies can get access to call center services in Spanish and have data backed up through Anserve Inc. Both services offer unique advantages. For example, with call center services in Spanish, your business can access:

  • Dozens of remote operators
  • Online portal access to client info
  • Advanced switch technology built with redundant processors
  • Access to reliable servers designed with Raid 5 storage
  • Voice paths
  • Messages delivered via email, fax, or text services
  • Automated on-call scheduling services
  • Pick-up on the first ring
  • Automated check-in and out services
  • Ability to receive summarized reports via fax or email
  • Customized scripting to meet your unique business needs
  • Automated messages as an alternative feature to live telephone agents

Spanish Answering Service Offers Better Communication

Companies today can’t afford to miss out on the growing Hispanic market. Not being able to communicate with an answering service agent is a common call center complaint of Spanish-speaking customers. If you don’t know what they’re talking about, and they don’t know what you’re talking about, the call wastes everyone’s time! There’s nothing worse than reaching a representative who you feel is reading from a script and doesn’t truly understand your problem. Avoid this by choosing a local Spanish answering service. Answering service companies have trained professional phone personnel who can help any organization stay connected to the needs of their customers, including getting information, message filtering & message routing, being directed to the person they need to speak to, and assisting in any other way our clients’ request. Your callers will appreciate speaking to informed, bilingual receptionists.

Spanish Answering Services Ensure Information Accuracy

Being treated poorly is another top call center complaint. Your current or potential customers shouldn’t have to deal with rude receptionists, having their calls misdirected, or being stuck on hold endlessly. A local Spanish answering service can provide more individual attention for your callers than an overseas call center. Choose a call center in Spanish that records all conversations to ensure accountability and quality. A call center should follow up on your customers to be sure they got the service they needed—if a customer calls with a complaint, a Spanish answering service receptionist should call them back to make sure the problem was resolved. We train our employees to represent the client they’re on the phone for in a professional manner and aid in customer retention and increase loyalty to our client, every day, with every call.

Spanish Answering Services Provide Variety of Affordable Options

A Spanish answering shouldn’t just serve as an answering machine for your off-hours. Aside from answering phones, local Spanish answering services provide a variety of affordable options. A call center in Spanish can receive and store your messages, screen calls, take and confirm appointments, send and receive text messages, and more. If you need an answering service solution for your Spanish-speaking callers, compare local services to find one that suits your needs. In addition, Spanish answering services also provide vacation coverage, a timely wake-up service, appointment confirmations, virtual receptionists, and more, all with polite, informed, and helpful phone agents.

Call Centers in Spanish Provide Prompt & Critical Services

Of course, we offer basic services such as call answering and message taking and forwarding. This is a critical service for many customers who aren’t able to be on the phone all the time but who don’t want to miss a single call. The nature of the calls our call center in New Jersey answers runs from mundane to critically important.

When the call is in regards to an issue that phone answering agents can’t resolve and a message needs to be delivered, we do that through e-mail, fax, and text messaging, always promptly and always to the right person or department.

Choose the Best Call Center in Spanish That Provides Additional Advantages!

Versatile, flexible, and full-service. Those are three things companies and professional individuals are seeking when they call us for the first time. As the largest call center in New Jersey, Anserve America provides these three things and a lot more. It’s not enough these days to operate a call center and offer just basic services.

Here Are Some of Anserve’s Spanish Answering Service Advantages:

  • Fees associated with the services include a set-up fee, a fee to cover disaster incidents, and a monthly fee.
  • Costs of the monthly and disaster incidents fees depend on the number of telephone calls received.
  • Although these call center in Spanish services are also offered in English, depending on the size and type of your employee and customer demographic, you may want to include both services in your business contingency plans.
  • Whether or not you use bilingual services, all messages received are backed up on Anserve servers.
  • Companies also turn to our call center in New Jersey when disaster strikes. At times like this, personnel needs to be focused on the issue at hand, not on answering every call that comes in.
  • Whether it’s a fire, an explosion, a product recall, an event at the company’s facility that could threaten the safety of area residents, or any other type of issue, we can be that link between a company and people calling in with a wide variety of needs.

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