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How Answering Services Can Help Your Home Healthcare Business Thrive!

Unprecedented Growth for Home Healthcare Businesses

The technological advances made in healthcare telecommunication during and after the pandemic created a surge in the home healthcare business industry. The utilization of telehealth and in-home care as a cost-effective solution to prolonged hospital care has become more widely accepted. As a result, in the coming years, this unprecedented growth for home healthcare business is expected to continue. As older Americans age, their declining health and chronic ailments could benefit from the support of a home healthcare business. According to a study in 2021, 68% of adults 65 or older have two or more chronic conditions and 80% have one. The presence of chronic conditions in the geriatric generation are expected to weigh heavily on healthcare providers moving forward.

Home Healthcare Businesses Are Stretched Thin

The home healthcare business industry has grown, but still has not been able to keep up with demand. Providing in-home care for a growing population, specifically for the 65 and older generation, is stretching home healthcare businesses to their limit. In 2012, the number of individuals over the age of 65 was 43 million and is expected to increase to 84 million by 2050, meaning the demand for geriatric healthcare will continue to increase to unprecedented levels.

Why Should A Home Healthcare Business Use An Answering Service?

With a shortage of providers and a surplus of patients, the home healthcare business industry has begun to adapt to the surge of demand for in-home care. Tactics like working with a home healthcare answering service to manage the call volume for home healthcare businesses allows caregivers to respond to and care for the needs of their patients more efficiently. A home healthcare answering service provides:

  • Live Agents: When using a live agent answering service like Anserve, a home healthcare business can provide the highest customer service experience. Automated answering services leave customers unsatisfied and wondering if their needs will be met in a timely fashion.
  • 24/7 Availability: Home healthcare businesses should utilize an answering service like Anserve that provides round the clock services so that patients can get the care they require and questions answered no matter the time of the day or night.
  • Overflow call answering during business hours: Home healthcare providers are extremely busy people, always with a full plate of responsibilities. Anserve answering service can alleviate the burden of answering phone calls, allowing the caregiver to focus on their patients that require their attention.
  • Appointment scheduling/reminders: Administrative tasks like scheduling appointments are necessary for a home healthcare business, but this task can be outsourced so it doesn’t have to be done by healthcare professionals. An answering service like Anserve can integrate with your existing scheduling software and create an online calendar to track appointments and keep them organized.
  • Message Delivery: The live agents at Anserve have healthcare experience and can quickly answer a broad spectrum of frequently asked questions and questions specifically about your business. When more advanced treatment is required, the trained agent transcribes the caller’s needs and symptoms and delivers them according to the appropriate protocol so the patient can quickly get the care they need.
  • Customized Scripts & Protocols: Integrating an answering service like Anserve is seamless, with customized protocols and scripts that provide the caller with detailed information about the home healthcare business they’ve called.

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Anserve Has Years Of Experience In Medical Answering Services

At Anserve, we know how important patient confidentiality is. With extensive experience in the healthcare industry and home healthcare business field, Anserve agents are always HIPAA compliant protecting each patient’s rights and personal health information. Agents answer each call and question with a positive attitude and respect for each patient’s privacy following medical policies and home healthcare regulations.

Anserve Offers Home Healthcare Answering Services For Home Healthcare Businesses

With the immense growth in the home healthcare business industry, be sure your customers are satisfied and receive the care they require by partnering with Anserve’s home healthcare answering service. Working with our highly trained and professional agents that know your home healthcare business, your mission, and your protocols. Contact Anserve today so we can provide the support you need for your home healthcare business.