Improving Patient Communications with Professional Doctor Answering Services

If doctors only worked a regular nine-to-five schedule, they might not need to rely on doctor answering services, programs that make it possible for their patients, hospital administrators and other professionals to get in touch with them after hours. In fact, doctor answering services could help distinguish a physician as a leading practitioner in the area where she practices medicine. It’s this type of perception that builds and strengthens brand, gaining a physician a larger client base.

Saving Money with Doctor Answering Services

Doctor answering services could also reduce a physician’s payroll expenses. Other expenses doctor answering services could save physicians include real estate, office supplies, employee healthcare insurance and worker’s compensation expenses. Employee healthcare insurance and worker’s compensation insurance is reduced or eliminated as physicians rely on Anserve America doctor answering services to screen their telephone calls and respond to customers, saving physicians from having to hire more receptionists and medical assistants to complete this work.

This might be why administrators at hospitals, medical clinics and emergency centers contract with Anserve America to implement their doctor answering services. Advantages the services offer physicians, whether they operate a private practice or work at a major hospital, clinic or emergency center, include:

  • 24/7 telephone answering services
  • Forwarding of telephone messages to key persons via fax or email
  • Record keeping (Anserve America stores messages for two and a half years)
  • Capability to respond to customers in Spanish
  • Free call forwarding services
  • Caller identification
  • Ability to check messages in real time online via the Internet

Recordkeeping services are particularly helpful should physicians have to respond to the insurance companies or legal inquiries. Call forwarded services make it possible for physicians to receive urgent messages as soon as possible. And, of course, as the United States becomes increasingly diverse, bilingual services ensure that professionals answering doctors’ telephones speak in and understand the language a large segment of the American population communicates in.

In addition to the aforementioned services, doctors and medical administrators who partner with Anserve America can, upon request, receive additional services. For example, they can have patient examinations, check-ups and other services scheduled, and get their telephone calls answered on the first ring.

It’s these and other doctor answering services, offered by Anserve America, that have made it possible for the communications firm to service more than 900 practices and 2,000 physicians. As many as 21 hospitals and eight medical schools depend on Anserve America to manage their telephone, electronic and fax communications.