In-Home Health Agencies Can Provide Competitive Customer Care with Phone Answering Services

The baby-boomer generation is aging, and the demand for elderly care is growing. Subsequently, competition for offering the best quality care will intensify. The aging population is looking for services that best match the help they need while giving them the opportunity to maintain their lifestyles as close as possible.

Many children of aging parents don’t like the idea of having to place a loved one in a home, or have a hard time finding a nursing home or retirement facility that can meet the needs of both parents. Your in-home health agency can provide an attractive alternative. By using a phone answering service that is knowledgeable about your operation and your clients’ needs, your in-home health service can boast exceptional customer care to attract and retain potential and existing clients.

In-Home Health Care

Phone answering services for in-home health agencies can help you better respond to emergency situations. Set up protocols for triaging urgent calls. Your answering service representative will follow the steps you set up to handle emergencies the way you would like your agency to manage these situations.

Improve communication with your clients and their family members. A representative from you answering service will quickly provide accurate information when clients or their family members call to pose frequently asked questions about the ins and outs of your services. This will be especially useful to new clientele when they initially sign up with your service. Knowledgeable representatives can help newcomers become better acquainted with the way your organization runs its services thus providing your clients with a seamless transition into their new routines.

Offer fast and simple scheduling services for activities or appointments such as: general transportation, grocery/pharmacy and other errand services, physical therapy and other doctor appointments, church functions, family gatherings, visiting friends, and more. A phone answering service can help make scheduling appointments easy and straightforward so that your clients don’t have to sacrifice their social lives or too much independence.

Provide guidance for clients as their care needs change. As your clients continue to age, it is likely that they will need to adjust their level of care. A service representative can provide guidance to clients so they can receive greater assistance as needed.

A phone answering service that can provide you with well-trained staff that will learn your business is an excellent way to distinguish yourself through quality of client care. For more information, call Anserve at 800-980-9770 or contact us.