Medical Answering Services & Business Phone Answering Services: FAQ’s

Your business may benefit from medical answering services or business phone answering services. An answering service can assist with order taking, voicemail, paging, setting up appointments, taking messages, answering customer questions and more. Many provide bilingual service, and can keep you connected to your customers in the off hours. Here are some answers to common questions concerning medical answering services or business phone answering services:

How does the phone answering service know about my business?

While setting up your account, the medical answering services or business phone answering services team will ask you questions about your business, and store the information. The answering team can view your information, as well as the personalized script you provide, whenever they handle a call from one of your customers.

These services don’t just act like an answering machine—for example, medical answering services can assist with appointment scheduling, appointment reminders and follow-up calls. Your customers will appreciate talking to an informed, English-speaking (or bilingual) human being!

Do I need business phone answering services for my small business?

It depends on the volume of calls you deal with—chances are, business phone answering services could save you a great deal of time and money, and bring in more leads. The service can assist with call queuing, transferring and streamlining high volumes of calls. Business phone answering services can greet your callers with a personalized message, and can take messages and email, fax or directly call you depending on the importance of the call. You will generally be billed monthly, and costs depend on the number of calls you receive.

What benefits do medical answering services provide?

If you receive a large volume of patient phone calls, and your staffing and communications costs are quickly adding up, your doctor’s office or hospital could benefit from medical answering services. Medical answering services can free up your staff, and provide a reliable line of communication between your office and patients. Benefits include 24/7 phone answering, appointment scheduling and messaging. Medical answering services also provide automated on-call scheduling, automated first-ring pick-up with your personalized greeting, automated check-in and check-out, and caller ID on every message.