Meeting the needs of specialized after hours support

There are many companies today that use answering services to provide specialized services for covering on-call needs. Instead of having company employees handle after-hours calls by forwarding the emergency number to their cell phone, many companies now use an answering service to provide after-hours coverage. By outsourcing to an answering service companies will often cut cost, have increased redundancy and eliminate the headache of having to manage their own after-hours support staff.

Answering services can often provide dedicated operators during certain busier time periods, for example, the hours right after the support line is switched over to answering service. Providing dedicated operators through sophisticated call routing software carries a higher cost than normal call taking. However, the increased cost for dedicated service is usually significantly less then what it would cost a company to pay its own employees to provide after-hours support. Outsourcing after-hours support allows the end-user to focus on running their core business and sales.

Here are some examples of companies that often use Answering Services for dedicated after-hours support:

Pharmaceutical Companies

Health Insurance Companies

Biotech Companies

Medical Device Companies