Technologies Your Medical Answering Service Should Offer

From small private practices to large hospitals, healthcare businesses and organizations should expect certain features from their medical answering service providers. These features are vital to ensuring that information is transmitted securely, seamlessly, and timely so that your staff can offer the best care for patients. You should look for the following five features, which Anserve offers.

1. Secure Texting Service
Having secure text messaging as a resource at your medical business is one of the best ways for your staff to keep each other up-to-date. Look for a service that provides excellent data security to protect sensitive patient information. Furthermore, make sure you are able to establish protocols for when messages are read and for when they have not been read in a given amount of time.

2. Secure Client Web Portal
A secure web portal gives you an opportunity to access and update information about your practice, clinic, etc. The portal should be easy for any of your staff members to use. But more importantly, your answering service should be transparent about the security measures in place. Storing in PHI on the web puts your practice at risk for HIPAA violations that could cost you a lot of money.

3. Appointment Service
Your office has a lot of jobs to perform, so wouldn’t it be great if your medical answering service could take over scheduling your appointments, thus freeing you staff to perform other essential duties.

4. Multi-Lingual Services
Any medical answering service should have dedicated Spanish-speaking or multi-lingual representatives to answer calls from patients who prefer to communicate in Spanish. You’ll also want the option to write customized, pre-recorded greetings in Spanish that can include office hours, directions, and other key information.

5. Secure PHI Communications Platforms
Larger facilities, such as hospitals, might want the convenience of combining the features offered from secure healthcare communications platforms (i.e. Cortext, TigerText, Medtunnel, and others.) with the services offered by a medical answering service. Anserve is pleased to be able to offer this level of integration, which you can read about here.