The True Care of Call Answering for Hospice Care

In-home care and hospice care are sensitive issues that many people and families are faced with on a daily basis. Individuals in these situations need to talk to a live person, not a pre-recorded machine, regardless of the time of the day or night that needs to happen.
That is why it is important to provide a live call answering service for these types of sensitive businesses like hospice care. If patient’s family makes a phone call in the middle of the night, they are relieved to speak to a human being who will conduct themselves appropriately and compassionately while representing a practice.
call answering for hospice care
At Anserve, we are aware that these types of businesses and practices often do not exist and operate during the daytime and hours of operation. Instead, it is imperative that in-home care practices are flexible, and the messages must get to the correct doctor and staff immediately. By using a 24-hour answering service, doctors offices can answer urgent calls from patient’s worried family members and loved ones. In reality, when it comes to hospice care, time is number one priority and responses cannot be delayed.
Having the ability to answer the calls is only part of the concern, having peace-of-mind that the attendants are saying are also important.  A properly trained answering service can work with the company to come up with the right plan or script for when patients call with emergencies. Once the script is approved by the practice, the attendant has an ability to properly handle urgent matters in the name of the business that will make the in-home care practice proud.
It is our goal, by using the right script and tactics, answering incoming calls promptly, and forwarding messages, Anserve will be able to keep families and clients in touch with an after-hours and during potential overflow with the home care staff. We have found the non-emergency callers are usually seeking information that an answering service agent can provide or take a message and relay to the correct person. However, there are serious situations that need to be handled immediately, Anserve’s answering service agent will collect the information from the client and contact the on-call nurse or connect the nurse to the caller. The practice’s calls must be answered quickly, critical situations must be addressed promptly, and all callers need to be treated with sensitivity.  When in-home care and hospice practices decide to use an answering service like Anserve, they are not only benefiting their business but also improving the patients’ experience.