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What are the Different Types of Medical Practices?

Product Knowledge is a Basic Tenet of Good Customer Service

Anserve proudly serves dozens of medical practices by handling incoming calls that come into these facilities. A large part of our success, and the reason why so many of our customers continue to choose our team to handle their calls, is that we have a solid understanding of the services each of these facilities provides and the reasons why individuals may be calling them. Our agents are trained in medical practice terminology to be able to effectively communicate with callers and provide the best service possible.

What are the Different Medical Practices?

There are dozens of different types of medical practices and palliative care facilities, but what are the nuances and differences between them? Some common medical practices include:

  • Family Practice – Family practitioners focus on providing comprehensive health care for individuals and families regardless of age, gender, or conditions.
  • Internal Medicine – Internal medicine refers to medical treatment aimed at dealing with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. Doctors practicing in this field tend to treat both simple and complex conditions from early adulthood through old age.
  • General Practice – General practitioners are doctors that treat patients with both acute and chronic illnesses and also provide preventative care and health education to patients of all ages. General practitioners are similar to family practitioners but are more likely to refer you to a specialist; family doctors often have additional specialties, such as pediatrics, and can provide more patient care themselves.
  • Long Term Care – Long term care refers to a variety of services which help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of patients suffering from chronic illness or long term disability who cannot care for themselves.
  • Hospice – Hospice care focuses on relieving a terminally ill patient’s pain and symptoms, with an emphasis on providing comfort and reducing pain and suffering.
  • Palliative Care – Palliative care is a medical approach focusing on optimizing a patient’s quality of life by mitigating symptoms associated with serious, complex, or terminal illnesses.
  • Skilled Nursing – Skilled nursing includes care provided by trained registered nurses under a doctor’s supervision and is typically used by patients seeking to continue recovering after an illness, injury or surgery, but in a setting outside of a hospital.
  • Private Duty Care – Private duty home care provides a wide range of services so that the patient and their family needs are met so they can remain independent in their own homes.

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Anserve’s Medical Answering Services Provide

Anserve’s medical answering service agents are specifically trained to triage calls and handle sensitive data relating to the client’s medical information. First and foremost, our agents address patient concerns in a calm and caring manner, and all calls are completely HIPAA compliant phone calls to protect patient information. Our agents direct calls to the appropriate offices or individuals, take and relay messages, in addition to managing and confirming appointments. With our informed customer service, we can help you retain patients and build your medical practice.

Anserve’s Physician Answering Services Provide

Anserve’s physician answering services make sure every phone call that is received is responded to quickly to ensure patient retention and a great first impression for new patients. Our agents explain the scope of your medical practice to patients, answer general questions, and provide general pre-appointment information. In addition, our agents can schedule and confirm appointments, organize patient consults and onboarding new patients, and while remaining HIPAA compliant.

Anserve’s Home Healthcare Answering Services Provide

Home health care services allow elderly people, or patients who are recovering from surgery, chronically ill, or disabled to receive care in their homes. Just like calls for medical practices, home healthcare organizations receive incoming calls, day and night. Anserve’s home healthcare answering services allow caregivers to focus on providing care and companionship for their patients rather than constantly handling phone calls. Our agents understand the type of care provided and how the home health care provider will assist each patient and their needs. This allows them to assist with the onboarding process, help in emergency situations and reassure families that calls will be relayed efficiently and given prompt attention.

Anserve’s Hospice Answering Services Provide

Anserve’s hospice answering services help accurately communicate sensitive patient information, allowing you to focus on end-of-life patients and supporting their family members and friends. Our agents can take calls from new patients and assist with determining care needs through caring and compassionate customer service. Using our hospice answering service ensures a sustained relay of information between patients in hospice care providers.

Learn more about Anserve’s Medical Answering Services for all type of Medical Practices

At Anserve, we proudly answer calls on behalf of many different kinds of medical practitioners. But this does not mean that we provide the same answering service for every type of medical practice. Our answering services are tailored to each and every customer based on the type of medical practice, the type of calls they receive, and the scope of the answering service coverage your practice needs. We develop every answering script independently to reflect the specific needs of each client. At the same time, we guarantee each of our clients 24/7 coverage, bilingual agents, live answering, and highly trained agents who are capable of handling sensitive and sometimes urgent customer calls with a high level of customer service in mind. To learn more about how our medical answering services can help with your specific type of medical practice, contact us today.