Will Pharmacists Eventually Need a Physician Answering Service?

Many states now have legislation allowing pharmacies to administer shots and treatment for the flu. During the flu season, pharmacists become the go-to resources for those in search of information regarding the flu and flu treatment. Will they be able to handle the call volume? Physicians answering services are available to help pharmacists communicate more effectively with patients in need of information.

Which states allow Pharmacists to Administer Flu Shots?

Pharmacists are medical professionals who are highly trained in safe and effective drug use. As such, they are well qualified to aid in the public’s access to vaccines, such as flu shots. Over the past 2 decades, the attitude in regards to pharmacist administration of immunizations has evolved. In 1995, a mere 9 states allowed pharmacists to give vaccines to the public. Today, all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico permit pharmacists to administer immunizations. The state laws vary widely in the authority given to pharmacists, but advancements regarding regulations and scope of practice for pharmacists have increased the kind and number of immunizations across all age groups.

What types of questions are most asked regarding flu shot and flu treatment?

Frequently asked questions regarding the flu shot and flu treatment are related to the effectiveness of the shot, the availability of the shot, and practical questions about the shot administration. Following your script, our representatives can answer frequently asked questions like these about the flu shot:

  • Does it hurt?
  • What are the side effects?
  • How long will the shot protect me?
  • When is the ideal time to get vaccinated?
  • Why is it important to get vaccinated?
  • How effective is this season’s vaccine?
  • Can I still get the flu if I get vaccinated?
  • Where can I get the flu shot?
  • How much of the vaccine will be available this year?
  • Does age affect the kind of flu shot you get?
  • How do I protect my loved ones who aren’t able to be vaccinated?
  • Why are there multiple flu shots?
  • Can people with egg allergies get a flu shot?
  • How long does it take for the flu shot to work?

How can Pharmacies prepare for additional Customer Service inquiries regarding the Flu Shot and Flu Treatment?

Pharmacists get an influx in customer service inquiries during flu season because the public has many questions regarding the flu vaccine and other treatments. They may not be able to answer these fast-paced calls as they come in due to a limited number of pharmacists and phones available at one time. For these pharmacists, a physician answering service could be of great benefit. A physician answering service from Anserve helps pharmacists communicate with patients by responding quickly to phone calls and messages. A surprising majority of patients who call pharmacists (75%) do not leave messages. That’s why a physician answering service is so important. During flu season, it’s imperative patients have access to the information they need regarding the flu shot and flu treatments. Anserve provides this customer service with a live physician answering service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with highly-trained agents who are HIPAA compliant. Anserve gives you total control over the information patients receive by allowing you to dictate the phone answering script live agents deliver. Additionally, Anserve provides Enhanced Voicemail Options which allow pharmacists to update greetings in accordance with emergencies. A pharmacy is a busy place, especially in the flu season. Anserve physician answering service can help pharmacists increase productivity and manage call volume to free up time and focus on each patient.

pharmacist-using-a-phone/How much does it cost for a Physician Answering service?

Physician answering services vary in cost depending on the plan for your services such as pay as you go, or a certain number of hours. Other physician answering service features like secure text messages, appointment scheduling, enhanced call reporting and other integrations will add to the price. Contact Anserve today to request a quote for physician answering services.