Benefits of SMS Texting with reply to feature

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In the medical and emergency support field many doctors and technicians are receiving their information on their cell phones instead of using alpha pagers, digital pagers, or land lines.  Many doctor and techicians are using text messaging to recieve their emergency calls.  Recieving the information via text allows the doctor or technician to properly triage the call.  For example: If a doctor or techinician is driving they can pull over and read the message instead having to answer a ringing phone.  Another example would be an electrician who is in the middle of an install can wait a few minutes finish the job and then check the text message.  If the text comes in very close together the doctor or technician can take care of the more important calls first instead getting delayed by verbally taking the message.

Not all answering services have the ability to text via the SMS (Short Message Service) protocal.  The SMS protocal allows for the end user to reply back that they got the message.  The reply back feature is useful for doctors or technicians that require that the answering service confirm reciept.  Once the end user recieves the message they reply back that they recieved the message the answering service then recieves a message on the end users account that confirms reciept.  The SMS feature to cell phones is quickly becoming a favorite means of communication in the answering service industry due to its accuracy, reply back ability, and reliability.