Anserve Attends 2011 ATSI Convention in the San Antonio, Texas

Company News

Anserve ownership recently attended the Association of Teleservices International (ATSI) convention in San Antonio, Texas. Anserve America has been a member of ATSI for over 40 years and has attended four out of the last six conventions. The convention enables Anserve ownership to meet with other industry leaders, vendors, and owners. The four-day event includes motivational speakers, industry workshops, and a trade show area. There are also informal meetings for Anserve to learn more about new industry technologies that will help existing customers as well as find new markets. A majority of the new services that Anserve has introduced over the last few years have been purchased or were presented at recent ATSI conventions. Anserve plans on continuing to attend and stay involved with ATSI events in order stay ahead of the technology curve and stay informed on what is going on in the industry.

ATSI as an organization represents over 400 answering services throughout the country and was established in 1942. For more information on this great organization please view their website: