ATSI 2021 Award of Excellence

Anserve wins the ATSI 2021 Award of Excellence for the Seventh Year

Anserve Inc. has been awarded the ATSI 2021 Award of Excellence by the Association of TeleServices International. As a seven-time winner of the award, Anserve was given the organization’s Emerald Award. The Association of TeleServices International is a national trade organization representing live answering services in North America and in the United Kingdom. The Award of Excellence is given to answering services that demonstrate great customer service in telephone answering and message delivery. The award was presented at ATSI’s 2021 conference in Kansas City, MO in June.

The ATSI Award of Excellence has been awarded for the last twenty-five years. It sets the expectations for the call center industry, by providing feedback to answering services on their call-handling efforts. For a six-month period, ATSI contracts independent judges to monitor answering services for the Award of Excellence. Judges evaluate response time, courteousness, accuracy, knowledge of the client, and overall impression of the call.

“The ATSI Award of Excellence is essential to our members and their employees to continually evaluate the service levels they are providing to their clients,” says ATSI President Tifani Leal. “We’ve had members that have participated in the program for decades and look forward to winning their awards each year.”

As a seven-time “Emerald Award” winner, Anserve Quality Assurance Coordinator Danielle Prtune remarked, “We at Anserve are so proud to accept the ATSI Award of Excellence for the seventh consecutive year in a row! Through the years, our team’s effort and commitment to excellence has helped our success. We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things our team will accomplish in the upcoming years!”

Anserve Inc, was founded in 1969 by husband and wife Bob and Nancy Ward. Anserve has grown into the largest answering service in New Jersey, now employing over 140 employees and answering over 15,000 calls per day.