Answering Services Manage On-Call Schedules and Appointment Confirmations

Answering services are very beneficial to businesses that need to manage appointment and on-call schedules. They allow you to offload menial tasks to free up staff for higher priority jobs that need to be handled in-house. They can also help out your business during after-hours, allowing you to provide 24/7 services, and during emergency situations.

Appointment Scheduling and Confirmations

Depending on the type of business you have, managing an appointment schedule can be crucial to bringing in more business. Despite its importance, the act of scheduling appointments is basic and can be easily outsourced. This is one less thing on you or your staff’s plate, freeing up you or your staff to provide other services and accomplish other administrative tasks that can’t be outsourced.

Furthermore, an answering service can help businesses and medical practices contact their customers and patients at optimal times to confirm appointments in an effort to improve the rate of people who show up. If more people remember their appointments, this means more people will show up, translating to more money for your business.

On-Call Schedules and Emergency Situations

Certain businesses (like HVAC and plumbing companies, help desk companies, and medical practices) need to provide emergency services. If you’re running a business like one of these, an answering service can help you manage your on-call schedule by using a system that allows you to share your schedule with the answering service. You can log in to update the schedule, which the answering service will see in real-time. This nearly eliminates any possibility for the answering service to contact the wrong person during an emergency, helping to ensure that your response time is as fast as possible.

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