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Importance of Emergency Answering Services When Winter Storms Hit

There are many different emergency events that can impact your business. One type of emergency scenario that is often overlooked is severe weather during the winter. Winter storms can leave businesses overwhelmed and unable to properly deal with customer calls. It’s important to make sure your business’s calls are answered with an emergency answering service during the winter season. Anserve is supported by a 24/7 colocation offering enhanced bandwidth, data storage, and redundancy. Anserve is also solidified by solar technology and a built-in natural gas generator further minimizing the effects of weather on their business. Partnering with Anserve allows you to perform your primary services while relying on them to perform theirs, even as winter storms strike.

What is the Purpose of an Emergency Answering Service?

Imagine a severe blizzard has knocked out power to your business. This could leave you in a position of needing to focus your time and energy on dealing with the immediate problems at hand, which would then limit your ability to field calls to and from potential customers, clients, and employees. In such an event, an emergency answering service like Anserve is operational 24/7 to provide an emergency line so your business can still be contacted. The professionals at Anserve allow you to call-forward at any time of day, for any reason. Anserve clients can provide FAQ or any information you elect to make public to those calling in. Emergency answering services can also serve as a line of communication to employees about the status of the business and whether they should remain home.

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Why does your Business need a Reliable Emergency Answering Service During Severe Winter Storms?

While we can typically predict when winter storms are coming, it’s impossible to know how extensive damage will be, how long power will be out, and what other issues will need to be addressed before returning to normalcy. Anserve’s emergency answering service can assist when winter storms leave businesses without power for extended periods, and prohibit owners and employees from being able to safely travel to work. Depending on the nature of your business, customers may have an emergency themselves and need to contact you for help which can be problematic if you do not have a functional answering service. Anserve has been providing reliable, 24/7 answering services since 1969. We have generators and dedicated staff to provide continuous emergency answering services during severe winter weather.

How to Protect Your Business during Harsh Winter Weather with Emergency Answering Services

As much as you can plan for to make. Customers may have difficulties contacting you, especially if you are without power or unable to answer customer calls in person. You can protect your business by ensuring that, in the event of a storm, an emergency contact line for your business will be activated. Emergency answering services will guarantee that your business will not be negatively impacted from a lack of responsiveness from your company. Anserve will help by scripting the necessary information and alerting your respective staff via myriad electronic methods. In addition, Anserve can provide daily recaps of data collected to ensure your group doesn’t miss anything during follow up. For the more meticulous leader, you can log in to Anserve’s online portal to see a live feed of your phone-based traffic. Whatever industry you operate in, Anserve can provide the flexibility and oversight needed during those stressful, unforeseen, events.

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Emergency Answering Services Protect Businesses by Keeping Customers Connected during Winter Storms.

Business is competitive, and your company cannot afford to lose customers due to a weather event that is completely out of your control. Winter storms can be devastating for businesses, as it not only can have a physical impact on your store or office, but it can also affect your relationship with your clients as well. Your customers will also likely be impacted by the harsh weather, and their trust in your business can be broken if you are unable to answer them or assist them after the storm. By using an emergency answering service like Anserve, you will be able to remain connected without skipping a beat, ensuring you will be able to continue business operations as usual.

Anserve is your 24/7 Answering Service When the Power is out and the Roads are Slippery.

One of the most dangerous parts of severe storms are its impacts on essential services, like power lines and transportation. Many businesses may be unable to open due to a combination of these issues, and employees may not be aware of closures and risk driving in unsafe conditions. In addition, customers may want to check on the status of your business before risking traveling in severe weather or need to schedule an emergency appointment. Anserve’s emergency answering services will guarantee that anyone needing to contact your business during severe weather will speak to a live agent and receive the most up-to-date information regarding your business’s operational ability, scheduling, and on-call contacts.


To learn more about our 24/7 answering service and how it can help you during a severe winter storm, contact Anserve today.