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Including Answering Services in your 2024 Annual Budget

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Budgeting is one of the most important aspects of running your business, and when evaluating where your money goes, it’s best to include services that will benefit your company’s day-to-day operations in the long term. Potentially one of the most beneficial services your company can add is 24/7 answering services. There are several things you should consider when selecting an answering service provider for your annual budget in 2024. Here’s how including Anserve’s answering services will benefit your company.

How Much Should You Reserve In Your Annual Budget For Answering Services In 2024?

It’s known that 80% of a company’s business communication takes place over the phone and as many as 62% of those calls are not picked up. If your business misses a few calls per day, you’re potentially losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars in sales each week.

Given this, the best way to assess your annual budget for answering services is to calculate how much overflow support you’ll need per month. You can do this by calculating your daily unanswered calls and the average length of time per phone call. In addition, you should multiply your daily missed calls by your average call duration by 30 days, and also multiply your estimated call overflow by the vendor’s price per minute. This will help you gain a better understanding of any unknown challenges your company is facing daily and how an answering service can provide your company with further assistance.‍

What To Consider In Evaluating Answering Services For Your Annual Budget

Not only does evaluating your annual budget determine what you’re able to spend on an answering service provider, but it also shows how these services can assist in your businesses functionality and day-to-day operations. There are several key points you should be mindful of regarding what can deter your business’ quality and convenience for your customers.

  • The price of hiring a new employee versus an answering service including onboarding, training, and insurance. For example, hiring an employee to work for $20 an hour will cost $42,400 for the first year, without yet adding in benefits or other costs for that employee. You’d have to be getting 100 calls per day to accrue an equivalent bill from Anserve, and your single internal employee would never be able to handle 100 calls per daily shift!
  • The cost of missing a call:
  • Reputation
  • Online consumer critique
  • Missed appointments
  • Loss of new business
  • Strain on current employees (spread too thin, overtime, can’t be available 24/7, etc.)
  • Quality of life for ownership/management (can’t be available 24/7, call forwarding to a personal cell phone has its limits)

These are all considerations that should be top of mind when evaluating your 2024 budget. You can figure out which of these items are specifically related to your business and if they negatively impact your business. If so, the solution is to hire an answering service provider that can take the strain off your company’s operations.

Benefits of Including Anserve’s Answering Services In Your Annual Budget

Our award-winning company has a variety of live answering service benefits that will deliver results. These benefits include:

  • Appointment Scheduling Anserve can reduce your staff’s day-to-day admin tasks by having our live agents lead the charge in appointment scheduling and appointment reminders. Our trained employees can also take care of canceling and rescheduling appointments as well.
  • No More Missed Calls If your employees are busy with important tasks or your company’s staff count is on the smaller side, you run the risk of calls going unanswered and missing sales opportunities. Anserve’s services will guarantee a professional agent is available 24/7 to take care of your customers’ needs whenever they need it.
  • 24/7/365: Anserve also has dedicated professionals at the ready to assist your customers after-hours, during the holidays and weekends, even during power outages.
  • Flexible Plans: Anserve is committed to offering quality live assistance and offers flexible prices and plans that are specifically tailored to your business needs.

Other features include call recording, simplified billing solution, HIPAA compliant text messaging, bilingual agents, email monitoring, and first ring pick up. You can request a quote today to get an idea of how these services will fit into your annual budget.

Contact Anserve to get a detailed answering services quote for your 2024 annual budget

Anserve’s advanced technology captures exactly what your company needs and delivers it exactly how you want it. Plan now to include Anserve’s answering services in your annual budget for 2024. Anserve manages over 10,000 calls per day and can conduct those calls in over 200 languages, and Anserve’s live-agents are thoroughly trained in customer service, HIPAA compliance, and data security. Contact us today to learn more!