Why Use an Emergency Restoration Answering Service

Why Use an Emergency Restoration Answering Service?

What Services Can An Emergency Restoration Answering Service Provide?

When an emergency or disaster strikes, it can put a massive strain on your business and your ability to handle incoming requests for service from clients and customers. These emergencies can happen anytime, meaning that it can be near impossible to predict when you may need to enlist the help of an answering service. That is where an emergency restoration answering service can be extremely beneficial for your company. These services offer 24-hour, seven day a week answering services so that potential and returning clients can still get a hold of your business when they need you most. These answering services are fully customizable, meaning agents will follow a unique script to ensure they give consistent and exemplary service to your callers. Emergency restoration answering services also allow you to have extra hands on-deck during busy times. Answering agents can be scheduled to assist your employees during peak times, and to take over during times where employees are off the clock. Additionally, they can ensure that urgent calls are directly transferred to you to address the most urgent cases.

How does Our Emergency Restoration Answering Service Work?

With Anserve, we first work with our clients to ensure that we have an acceptable script for our emergency restoration answering service agents to follow when your clients reach out to you in an emergency. Then we put together a protocol to dictate what steps we take when dealing with emergency calls for your business. For example, it allows us to know which person to reach out to with emergency calls, and who to follow up with if we cannot reach that person. Because we have dedicated call centers with 24/7 operators who speak multiple languages, we are ready for the influx of calls that may arise from an emergency situation. For instances where there may be an extreme influx of emergency related calls, our emergency restoration answering services offer automated announcements to help communicate updates and pertinent information to all those that may be affected by the emergency.

What are the Benefits of An Emergency Restoration Answering Service?

Perhaps the main benefit of hiring an emergency restoration answering service is the ability to handle a high influx of call volume due to an emergency. During these circumstances, you may not have access to your regular phone system, and more clients may be calling than during normal circumstances. Emergency restoration answering services handle the increased call volume. Additionally, Anserve’s answering services operate 24/7, meaning that people can get a hold of your business no matter the hour. Plus, it is always better to speak to a live agent than to get an answering machine. Additionally, answering agents take down all the important information that you may need to assist customers with their requests and reach out directly to the most urgent calls as they arise.

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How Will an Emergency Restoration Answering Services Agent Answer Calls for My Business?

At Anserve, our emergency restoration answering service agents will use a script developed with your company to ensure that callers are getting accurate information from your company. Depending on the nature of your business, the agent will then follow a set protocol to address the caller and the nature of their issue or emergency. Using the custom script, the agents will address the callers’ concerns and take down the relevant information your business will need. Depending on the nature of the emergency, the agent will prioritize calls and alert your business the most serious concerns first. Additionally, the most serious callers can be instantly transferred to your phone lines to ensure that clients are receiving prompt attention for their issues.

What to Look for in an Emergency Restoration Answering Service?

Perhaps the most important factor to consider when looking for an emergency restoration answering service is timeliness. During emergencies, prompt responses can be the difference between an emergency and a full-blown disaster. Having an emergency restoration answering service that is available whenever your clients are in need is extremely important, especially those that can quickly facilitate the transfer of calls directly to you, if necessary. Additionally, making sure that your emergency restoration answering service can speak every potential language that may call your business is important, so that everyone that needs an emergency service is able to get a hold of your business.

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Why use an Emergency Restoration Answering Service like Anserve?

Anserve offers the best attention to detail for emergency restoration answering services. In business since 1969, Anserve has decades of stellar answering service performance behind it and has assisted hundreds of businesses in dealing with high call volume. Because Anserve is a 24/7 service, they can work for you even when you are unavailable or unable to dedicate staff to answering the phone. Anserve has dedicated operators that are highly skilled and fluent in a variety of different languages to help callers in stressful situations, no matter what language they speak. Contact us today to learn more!