How Anserve can help your business during the COVID-19 outbreak

For over 51 years Anserve has been privileged to work with thousands of U.S. based businesses. Local and Regional businesses make up a huge part of the economy in the U.S. and Anserve Management recognizes their importance by being committed to helping ensure as many businesses as possible survive and reopen their doors. Anserve is uniquely positioned to help your business cut costs and remain available during transition.

Many businesses are changing the way they greet customers, handle transactions, schedule appointments and attend to customer service in order to meet new safety requirements. Working remotely can be difficult, but Anserve operates 24×7 and can help your staff remain focused on their primary responsibilities.

We Want to Help Health Care

First and foremost we’d like to thank our frontline healthcare and emergency workers during this pandemic. The rest of us are safer as a result of your diligence and selfless work ethic. We work with thousands of medical organizations around the nation and are fully HIPAA compliant. All of our healthcare programming is customized for each organization we work with. This means our agents work with your approved content and are prepared to handle all call-types. Communication and availability remain to be vital qualities during this pandemic. The rise of telehealth options offers the medical community an added opportunity to stay relevant and will most likely spike the need for patients to contact your medical offices. By being available when you need us, Anserve helps your staff manage other tasks and avoid burnout. Priority is key in any business, Anserve can help rank your incoming priorities based on the criteria you specify.

We can easily set up the following cost saving services for your business:

Keep Remote Staff Connected with Call Answering Services

We will transfer your office phone calls to the correct staff member working remotely so that you don’t miss client communications. Additionally, whether your staff has been thinned or furloughed, we can answer calls around the clock and then dispatch messages to specific destinations. We can help you manage your appointments, provide answers to FAQ’s, monitor email accounts, answer customer service calls based on a script and perform a myriad of other services to ensure your business keeps functioning. Think of Anserve as a solution to the following problems during the pandemic:

  • Live- Agent Services
  • Voicemail Only Services
  • Coverage for sick employees
  • After-hours and call overflow support during the day
  • Taking customer orders
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Notification of temporary office closures
  • Disaster hotlines
  • Multi-lingual Live-Agents

After the pandemic comes to a close, Anserve will continue to support the business community as we have since 1969. Our multilingual and Spanish speaking US-based experienced professionals work remotely and are ready to field your calls any time, every day.

Just give us a call so we can answer any questions and tailor a package to meet your needs.