Live Answering Services for Small Businesses and Help Desk Managers

Live Answering Services for Small Businesses

Accountants – Psychologists – Lawyers
Veterinarians – Dentists – Nursing Services

If you’re a business owner or work in sales, you know how important phones are to the success of any business. Anserve provides professionals with live answering services for small businesses that need 24/7 live phone operators. Our well-trained operators will treat your customers with respect while following a highly customized script. Use Anserve any time that suits your needs – evenings, holidays, weekends, or anytime you can’t be there to answer. We will take a message and e-mail or fax it to you, or if it’s an emergency, we can page or call you immediately.

Our highly customizable small business answering service ensures that no call is left unanswered and you receive the vital information that you need to respond. Live operators will handle calls at a low monthly rate. Discount rates for high call volume businesses are available on request. If you are outside of New Jersey, we’ll even provide a toll free number to which to forward your calls.

Here is what is included with live answering services for small businesses:

  • Automated scheduling for on-call personnel
  • Automated check-out and check-in
  • Amazingly clear voice quality
  • Automated pick-up on the first ring complete with a greeting customized to your organization
  • Spanish speaking operators are available
  • All messages can be forwarded via email or fax for free
  • Companies that are not based in NJ can forward their phones for free to an Anserve toll free line
  • Caller ID provided on each message
  • Text messages can be sent to any mobile phone and any carrier
  • Customized scripts can be offered on every account

Is your Help Desk in need of its own help?

Anserve Inc has solutions that can effectively reduce your costs to answer calls on weekends, after-hours and even on holidays. We can take care of your help desk calls with our trained operators. We can then contact the appropriate customer service representative or duty technician at any time, whether it is on holiday, weekend or simply after normal business hours.

Anserve Inc will take full responsibility for finding your duty technician or CSR or their back-up duty person. We will continue to locate the right person until they are found and directed to fix the customer’s issue. We also record the message from the customer and send it to you via email or fax along with the technician contacted to handle the issue. These messages come in each morning so that you know what happened over night and what actions were taken.

Equipment leasing organizations, computer consultants, internet providers, software providers, and contractors have seen the benefit of using the Anserve staff to effectively and efficiently handle Help Desk calls with our responsive, live operators trained for the specific tasks.

Contact us today to discuss plans and find the right solution for your company. We have hundreds of satisfied clients located through the USA, some Fortune 500.