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Sample Plans

Our call center agents complete HIPAA and cybersecurity training to ensure they deliver the very best customer service while maintaining patient privacy. Every plan includes:

ALL holidays
NO hidden fees
NO long term contracts

100 minutes per month

Averaging 3 calls per night

220 minutes per month

Averaging 6 calls per night

500 minutes per month

Averaging 12 calls per night

Medical Answering Service Features

Anserve provides award-winning services! Anserve’s team of experienced and proficient agents work seamlessly as a team using cutting-edge technology to serve your business needs.

Live Answering Service

Calls will be answered by a human, not a machine – With your instructions and our experience, we can provide your customers with the best call answering service.

24×7 Emergency Answering Service

Our experienced professionals are on call around the clock to answer your telephone calls after hours, on the weekend, and on holidays.

Multilingual Answering Service

Non-native English speakers will seek out organizations that support multilingual services, so businesses need to communicate effectively to all demographics. Anserve’s live agent services can translate over 200 languages.

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    About Us

    From small businesses to larger organizations, Anserve has provided call answering services to all kinds of businesses since 1969. After more than 50 years, Anserve continues to be a family-owned business, now with more than 100 employees. Today, Anserve provides call answering services for government agencies, healthcare providers of all types, small businesses like plumbers, electricians, and HVAC technicians, and for utilities and property management companies.
    Even in today’s e-commerce environment, 79% of consumers say they prefer to interact with businesses via phone. However, a nearly equal number of consumers (75%) say they will not leave a voicemail if a live representative doesn’t answer their call. Anserve is a 24×7 answering service, so we continuously answer calls, even after-hours, on holidays and weekends.
    Anserve combines technology and customized scripting to ensure we capture your data and deliver your messaging correctly. We are an extension of your brand and, as the first person interacting with your customer base, we will make a good impression on your behalf.


    Why Choose Us?

    The Anserve Difference

    Anserve is the answering service solution for businesses large and small. Our call answering service has won industry awards in customer service excellence and quality for consecutive years. Our live agents can help manage and prioritize your incoming communications.

    Live agents: Live agents are trained in customer service, HIPAA compliance, and data security. Anserve is an award-winning answering service managing over 18,000 calls per day with agents translating over 200 languages.

    We are available 24/7: Our experienced live agents work to provide the best after-hours answering service for your business. Having a live agent answer your call who is familiar with your business is a huge advantage over having an off-hours voicemail box.

    We have leading-edge technology: Anserve has built-in natural gas generators to manage power outages….we will always answer your calls. Anserve protects its clients’ data with encrypted messaging capabilities and by storing data at a colocation, a temperature-controlled environment with auxiliary power, supercharged bandwidth, and physical security.


    See what our clients have to say about Anserve!

    I have worked with Rob Ward at Anserve for a number of years and find both him and the company to be honest, hard working, and very reliable. Rob stays up to date, using cutting edge technology to bring the best services he can provide to his clients. I would recommend Anserve to anyone looking for answering services – especially healthcare answering services.

    Sue McCrossin
    Partner at Boomtown Internet Group

    I utilize Anserve as an answering service for one of my businesses when we don’t have enough staff to cover the calls and for our after hours answering. They are excellent. They are delivering everything they promised at a very affordable rate. When my clients reach them instead of us, they state that the people who answered were extremely polite and courteous. I would very seriously consider leveraging them if you need an answering service for any reason.

    Douglas Haber
    Business Owner