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Anserve offers Voice to Text Services

Keeping on top of voicemails can be challenging. Not only is it difficult keeping track of each of the calls, but it can be occasionally difficult to understand the speaker leaving the message. This is where speech to text technology can help your business. In this article, learn about how voice to text services can help.

How does Text to Speech Transcription Work?

Voice to text transcription services works with your voicemail system to provide you with accurately transcribed messages straight to your phone or other mobile devices. When you receive a voicemail, you’ll be notified either about the message by text or email. You will then have the option to transcribe the voicemail and read it directly, rather than listen to the recorded message.

What are the Features of Speech to Text Services?

Voice to text services come with a number of features. First and foremost, your messages will be forwarded to your mobile device. That means you can receive your voicemails even when you’re away from the phone that was called. Voice to text services also gives you the option of either listening to your message or reading a transcribed version. An additional feature is the ability to call back the individual right from the message. This allows you to return the call as soon as you’re aware that a message has come through.

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What are the Benefits of a Speech to Text Service?

There are two main benefits to voice to text services. The first is saving time. These services provide the recipient of the call with a perfectly transcribed version of the message, right to their mobile device. This negates the need for you to dial into your office voicemail, go through several prompts for each message, listen, and potentially re-listen to voicemails and take notes. The transcribed version is immediately available and easy to understand, thus avoiding any uncertainty about the contents of the message.

The other benefit of voice to text services is immediate notification of voicemails. With the dial back option, you can instantly call back the individual and address their needs or concerns. This allows you to provide your clients with better customer service and increase the likelihood that they’ll return to your company for future business.


What are the Disadvantages of Retrieving Voice Messages?

When you retrieve voicemails the old fashion way, you increase the chances of making a mistake. You may accidentally skip a message while pushing buttons to get through prompts. You may lose handwritten notes or incorrectly write down information. Voice to text services creates an organized system that ensures that you don’t miss any messages and also confirms that you clearly understand the content of each message.

What are the Disadvantages of Using Apps or Smartphones to Transcribe Messages?

Simply put, apps and smartphones are not as accurate as the voice to text services. Think of all the times you’ve tried to use your smartphone’s voice to text service and you’ve had to go back and edit your message. This doesn’t end up saving more time or improving your efficiency in handling voicemails. The same issues arise when you rely on a non-professional voice to text answering service and voicemail transcription service to provide a voice to text services. When you’re handling important calls from your colleagues or customers, it is essential that you use the best available services to make sure that key details or information is not lost.

Staying connected to you clients is important. Making sure you understand their needs or concerns when they leave a voicemail is just as essential. Anserve is always willing to work with you and your company to help you determine what services are the right fit for you and your business. Contact Anserve to find out more about voice to text answering services today!