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Why Our Clients Use Call Answering

Customers today want to speak to a live human being when they are calling. Machines typically frustrate callers and are very informal, leaving people uncertain if they should expect to hear back from anyone. Most companies aren’t available at all hours of the day, but customers expect you to be! Things happen all the time that take you and your team away from the phone during work hours. – Not to mention if the caller calls on off-hours.

When using a service like Anserve, a live person can take your calls when you’re not available, transcribe messages, and send them to your device of choice. Callers will always feel like they were acknowledged, and are more patient for a return call. Below are our clients’ top reasons they choose to use a call answering service.

Our Clients Know That 80% of Business Occurs Over the Phone.

You read that right! Research shows that approximately 80% of callers who don’t get their calls answered will NOT call back. Typically people who are calling have already decided to use your company’s services. The potential customers have done their homework, and they are not just price shopping by surfing the internet. Knowing the value of your opportunities will help you understand the value of a missed call.

Our Clients Want To Decrease Costs Of Managing and training Phone Staff

Companies of all sizes continuously need to refine how they answer calls, and how they document and forward messages to the appropriate staff member. In reality, to be successful, customers demand that business owners decrease costs and put experts on the front lines.

A live phone answering service, like Anserve, specializes in one thing: Answering phones. While they may benefit from your feedback, as needed, the staff they employ are trained by call-handling professionals. Calls are screened and evaluated, and issues are corrected on their end, leaving you to run your business.

Our Clients Know That Live Call Answering Services Jump Into Action Immediately.

It is hard to instantly adapt when callers are contacting you at high volumes. If you have to leave the office for the day, it’s rare to have the ability to call someone and ask them to answer your calls and take messages for you on short notice. A call answering service can start taking your calls the day you sign up for the service. They can take all your company’s calls, or jump into action when things come up that prevent you from answering your phone. You can put them to work after you leave the office for the day and have messages forwarded to your device of choice.

Our Clients Are Able To Access Call logs, Call Screening, and Call Recordings For Improved Processes

Not a single business, no matter the size, has the time or resources to record and screen all their calls. Call logs (i.e – documenting the call in writing) are very rare, and usually poorly done when busy staff completes them. This can become a real problem in any number of situations, including a he said/ she said dispute. All calls are meticulously logged and recorded, and their management staff randomly listen in or screen live calls regularly to ensure each call is handled correctly.

Our Clients’ Advice:

Never hire a random live call answering service without vetting them first! Anserve knows that phone calls are the lifeblood-keeping businesses. A live call answering service is among the best investments you can make into the future of your business. Be proactive and do not leave the door open to have another call missed!