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Ensure Compassion When They Call Hospice

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All facets of the healthcare industry continue to grow. As the population increases and life expectancies are extended, there is more demand for specialized health care, such as hospice. When nearing the end of their lives, terminally ill patients and their families may choose hospice care in a medical facility or at home. Government agencies…
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Growth of Bilingual Clinics in the U.S.

If you’ve ever needed medical care while traveling abroad, the experience can be intimidating. Maybe the doctor doesn’t speak English. Even with a translation app, the language barrier makes it difficult to feel understood. People living in the U.S. with limited English skills face similar communication difficulties in their encounters, especially with access to healthcare.…
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How AI Customer Care Service is Defining the Future

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Artificial intelligence has quickly become the rising technology in a wide spectrum of business sectors, and customer service is no exception. More and more companies these days rely on automated customer services to field questions or inquiries from clients as well as support customer service teams. We have only just begun to scratch the surface…
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Ways to Minimize No-Shows Patients at Your Healthcare Practice

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Research shows that patient no-shows cost healthcare providers approximately $150,000 each year. It’s no secret that patient no-shows are one of the biggest frustrations for healthcare practices. From the valuable time wasted on preparing for the appointment to loss of revenue, no-shows often throw off the daily routine of your practice and hamper your productivity.…
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Why People Are Choosing Call Answering

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It is true, the call center and answering service industry is experiencing growth.  The main reason companies are choosing call answering is for the customer experience. It is essential to have excellent customer satisfaction, and the fact that more customers now, than ever, would prefer to call a company for support and speak to a…
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