Anserve CoLo

Confidence of Companies Using Colocations

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Partnering with a company that has chosen to move their server network to a remote colocation has many benefits and reduced concern.  First, what is a colocation? A colocation data center (often called a colo) is a data center facility in which a company or firm can rent space for servers and other computing hardware.…
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call answering hurricane

Using Call Answering During Natural Disasters

The repeated natural disasters that broke havoc on the United States, Peurto Rico, and the Carribean in the past thirty days forces businesses to reconsider the effectiveness of their disaster recovery plan.  The hurricanes experienced in Texas, Florida, and the islands are a rude reminder of the Sandy hurricane that struck the New Jersey Shore in…
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advantages of answering services

Real Reason to Use Call Answering, No Matter Your Firm’s Size

Business Advice
Many businesses of all sizes still use the voicemail that comes with their cell phones and hardlines. But, things are changing. The number of freelancers, 100% virtual companies, and solo-preneurs has increased from 15 million in the nineties to over 45 million today.  Many analysts are predicting these people will comprise over half of the…
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multilingual Cumstomer Service

Why Is Multilingual Customer Support Required?

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A successful business growth strategy requires more than just opening another branch in a different location and waiting for customers to flock to your store instantly.  The world is smaller than ever due to the of advances in the IoTs (Internet of Things) and increased accessibility to the internet. Because the world is shrinking, it…
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Technologies Your Medical Answering Service Should Offer

From small private practices to large hospitals, healthcare businesses and organizations should expect certain features from their medical answering service providers. These features are vital to ensuring that information is transmitted securely, seamlessly, and timely so that your staff can offer the best care for patients. You should look for the following five features, which…
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