Valuable Answering Service Options that You Didn’t Know You Could Get

Maintaining the ultimate in customer service is difficult for any business in a 24/7 business world where customers always expect prompt service. The reality is that regardless of your business type, you have obligations that go beyond your business and your customers. Fortunately, there are several valuable answering service options that you might not be…
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How Secure Messaging Can Benefit Your Business

Although most business owners have an office, those whose businesses require them to be in the field don’t spend much time in them. If you’re one of these business owners, you may already use a business answering service to handle incoming customer calls. But have you considered how secure messaging can provide added benefits to…
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Answering Services for Dentists, Psychologists and Other Healthcare Professionals

Aside from their shared characteristic of healing the mind and body, disparate health practices, like those of dentists and psychologists, share a commonality in patient need. This is that these patients often defy routine scheduling and communication. From open until close, every successful dental practice sees a non-stop succession of patients coming in for everything…
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How Veterinary Services Can Benefit from an Answer Service

Veterinary clinics, pet hospitals, pet shelters, and other medical facilities that cater to animals’ health needs are often described as 24-hour businesses because emergencies can happen at any time. So, in reality, veterinary medical professionals are on call beyond normal business hours. For this and other reasons, veterinary businesses are excellent beneficiaries of answer services.…
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Answering Services for Accountants

The New Year is actually the start of tax season for accountants so an answer service becomes an indispensable tool at this time of the year when their business calls and workload skyrocket. For accountants, there are a number of reasons why answering services makes sense for 2015 with their benefits of particular value during…
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Full Utilization of a Sophisticated Doctor Answering Service Can Increase Patient Accountability

The increasing focus on maintaining wellness as an antecedent to the continuing role of treatment has had a major effect on patient accountability. This has had a discernable impact on how physicians and the healthcare continuum as a whole utilize the doctor’s answering service to communicate with patient populations. The question becomes, can practices fully…
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